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A novel in the grand tradition of Michener, “Return to Mardi Gras”
tells everything about Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


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A Fascinating novel for anyone who has wondered
what Mardi Gras is really like

Return to Mardi Gras not only describes the wild Mardi Gras in the French Quarter, but also shows how Mardi Gras goes for 11 days, and is celebrated all across New Orleans by the locals. It contains descriptions of New Orleans history, picturesque French Quarter scenery, and information about famous restaurants, bars, historic buildings, dishes & drinks.

Jim, a 30 year old attorney in New Orleans has an affair with a strikingly beautiful 22 year old court reporter named Aimee who lives in the French Quarter. "I was mesmerized by her and her beauty. When she smiled she radiated a strange charm, causing pleasant feelings and beautiful dreams, casting a spell on all who saw her." Jim leaves his wife and young son and moves to the French Quarter and the novel describes life and parties in the French Quarter and at Mardi Gras with several memorable characters.