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"Return to Mardi Gras" by Richard Sherman
Book Reviews


"Jim, a 30-year-old attorney in New Orleans has an affair with a beautiful 22-year-old court reporter living in the French Quarter named Aimee. Jim leaves his wife and son and moves in with his mistress. A conservative attorney, Jim tries to accomodate and accept Aimee’s totally uninhibited free spirit driven lifestyle. All this against the detailed background of Mardi Gras of the 70’s."

"An engaging and highly entertaining work of period fiction, Return to Mardi Gras is Richard Sherman's debut novel and marks him as a significant literary talent to be looked for in the future! "
***** (5 Stars) - Midwest Book Review

"One of my favorite cities in America is New Orleans, so naturally I looked forward to reading Richard Sherman’s Return to Mardi Gras. It tells the story of the wild Mardi Gras, but also tells the story of a love affair between a young attorney who leaves his family to take up with a beautiful, even younger court reporter. Set in the 1970's, this first novel is rich in the lore of Mardi Gras, a former era, and the ancient tug and pull of the heart.  It is a distinguished debut." Bookviews.